Wilder Beard Company

It's always the perfect time to get a little wilder.  Their products always seem to fly out the door.  Hurry in to check out your wilder side. Pictured below are just some of the Wilder Beard Company products that we carry.


About the Company

At Wilder Beard Company, we strive to capture the essence of this history in our fragrances - each tied to our woodsman roots. Even our logo has been inspired by this history as a reminder of the log marks once used by the mills surrounding our lake.

Here in West Michigan, we make all natural, quality products. Every beard and moustache is unique. We offer balms, oils, and waxes handmade with every sort in mind. From heavy waxes and balms to tame the wildest moustaches and manes, to light and conditioning balms and oils for a softer gentler hold.  Click here to learn more about Wilder Beard Company